Welcome to SK Group of Travel Companies

We at SK Group of Travel Companies are happy to introduce ourselves as a pioneer service provider in the travel business. Our operations were started 9 years back under the able guidance and foresight of professional team who has a wide experience in the travel industry. The services we provide are car rentals, hotel bookings and ticketing services. Our main business however is the car rentals. During the past 9 years we have been providing quality service to our distinguished clients, are it the industrial / private / corporate sector or even to individual clients. It is due to the moral support and encouragement (not forgetting an odd criticism) received which has helped us grow from an organization with just one car to a fleet of vehicles.

Why Choose us

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Customer Satisfactory Service.

Reasonable Costs.

Warm Care throughout the Tour.

Recurring Customers.

Packages throughout the World- Domestic and International.